Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Quick Chat 58

Hi Hi All! My goodness the heat here at home is unbearable. I had to escape it somehow... I hope you're all well managing as this pesky Covid continues to change our world, however I do not wish to discuss such topics, but more so on a long overdue congratulations to my big sister... Karen Winters. Who successfully reached & beat me by miles (no surprise that the lil sister, could challenge a pro. *giggles*) for the 1,000,000+ mark. Truthfully though, I'm so very happy for her as she has earned since the beginning of her journey thanks to our eldest sis for without her (Marti) Karen would not have stayed with us, nor adopted me as her baby sister. To see their great & awe inspiring work, you can easily find them here... https://karenflashes.blogspot.com

Once you reach here, congratulate her & start from her wonderful beginnings to her heartfelt presence. To thank her/our eldest sister Marti... Go to this link... http://Martitg.blogspot.com

These beautiful souls have given me so much along with my others sisters. Cause without them... An Angel would not have risen after her fall.

Be safe all... 😘

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Rubin the Con

"Hey baby. Yeah, this my ride, but it could be yours. (Ugh. This fool think he can handle my ride? Stupid bitch, making give away all my valuables to chumps like this.) "My name's Rubi. You have good taste if you checking out this ride though. (When this is all over I'm taking everything back & then more. Why does he look familiar though?) "Charles? Cute name. You thinking about taking this puppy for a ride? I'd be insulted if you didn't try out the goods before taking it all for yourself." (Seems interested, but cautious. Don't blame him. He's probably been conned once before. That's how I wound up like this. I use to be a con artist. That's how I got this jeep several years back.)

(I hop off the jeep & try to use my body to sweeten the deal. This was the last big ticket item I stole. Then I would finally get my old body back. Thanks to some old gypsy I tried to con for jewelry to sell to a pawn shop. She said the way to return back was to give away all my stolen possessions. You could imagine all the stuff I had to loose.)

(Just like any con, it takes time, but this Charles character was breaking. I could see it in his eyes. I try one last move to seal the deal & squat like those dumb ho's they use to sell cars.) Don't it look good honey? I know a handsome guy like you needs a good ride. *winks* (I see him come to the door & check both me & the jeep out. Ugh... Dumb shit. Like I'd go anywhere with him. I hop into the passenger side to get ready to change back.) "I give you my word as an honest woman. You get to keep this jeep & all that's inside." (He smiles & we shake on it. As he starts the jeep up I wait for the change, but nothing happened. Why didn't I change back) "I truly appreciate this Rubi. I can't tell you how grateful I am for this. I had my own jeep stolen by a con artist some years back & having you of all people just give your own away to me is blessing. Thank you." (Oh my God! That's why you look familiar! Oh shit!) "Baby, I said you get everything that comes with it." *winks* (What the fuck did I just say?!? That wasn't me! I suddenly reach over & began to massage his cock, feeling it grow in my hands & couldn't stop myself. I see him smile at me as we begin to drive off. Oh dear. It seems you screwed yourself young man. Everything in the jeep is now his... *laughing evilly* All I can do is scream internally as I bend over the driver's seat to give him a blowjob) "Don't worry. Just enjoy the ride & I'll do the same."

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Fan Art

"Art is more than a gift... It's a privilege. You use it for the good of humanity. Thats what I was taught by the late Denny O'Neal He and I didn't really see eye to eye on the subject of art, however isn't that was art is... Subjective? Open to interpretation by the views of others? I myself was given the same talent as my mentor, but my mind leaned torwds more the riskay & the what if's" I look upon my newest creation as I post it online for the world to see. I watch the number of views go from zero to 500 in the blink of an eye & with that, I wish he could see my hard work flourish, but I know he sees it. He can see the numbers rise higher & higher as the views continue. "Art is in the eye of those who choose to view it that way, my friend." I can hardly wait to see you continue to gain world wide views as you help me continue my new web comic series. "Fallen Amazon." To be immortalized by those who ache to see younluve on is a dream practically unreachable, but you'll truly live on in my work. My world feeling everything I write & draw you out of my mind. "Oh Danny, if only you were more understanding of my guilty pleasures for sexaul fan art, but let's be honest. You only needed a different angle. Perhaps with my help from Harley & Ivy, you'll all see yourselves as the world does... Fan art."

Dedicated to Danny

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Quick Chat 57

Hi Hi all... Doing better. I guess I had to vent all my feelings. Hope you enjoy my caption. Given the circumstances of this new routine, I'm learning, I'll post more randomly then just on Sunday. Might even find a new schedule for posts. It's really hot out in my area. If it's the same in yours. Be safe out there. People can become very careless now that everything is reopening. Again I say to you... Please be safe. 😘

It's not a secret... Pt 2

That very moment frightened Adrian. The thought of feeling that way towards someone or anyone for that matter, let alone his only friend. She had to get out of there and fast without hesitation she had let go & ran away not looking back. Cameron ignored the the others taunting & ran after her. He lost her though. It had been well over a year before Cameron found Adrian holding back tears from the truth. She was falling for him & refused to admit the truth. Who would if your life was turned upside down without warning. Cameron didn't say anything. All he did was sit by her. After sometime passed Adrian broke down & held on to him for support. It was getting late & this was not a neighborhood to be alone in. He gently lifted her up with ease & held her in his arms as he carried her to his apartment. She began to cry softly expressing her pain & love for him. A love she did not wish to accept, but to her miraculous surprise, Cameron spoke with relief. "It's not a secret you know? I felt the same way the moment we locked eyes" Adrian didn't know how to respond. She nuzzled into his chest for comfort. "It's why I got into fights in school. I didn't want anybody disrespecting a woman I loved. They all talked about how I was getting it from you so easily." A great deal of hate came from within Adrian hearing his former classmates speak like that about them. "Truth was... As much as I wanted you. I knew you weren't ready or if you'd ever be ready. I was hoping to talk to you about that after graduation." Adrian looked up at Cameron & into his honey brown eyes. "When you left me, it broke my heart. I felt like I was left at the alter without getting the chance to even ask you."Adrian hugged Cameron tightly asking for forgiveness. As she was put down they entered his place. She saw his walls plastered with missing photos of her maps of where she once was or wasn't.

That was a long time ago though. 10 years later, they're happily married & expecting their first child together. They made new friends as their time together grew more openly & fondly of one another. They were even asked if they wanted a boy or girl first once. Adrian or rather Angel as she now goes by looked into Cameron's eyes before smiling with a response. "In all honesty. We don't mind boy or girl. We just want the baby to be healthy."

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Quick Chat 56

Hi Hi all. Sorry about the pouting. It's just become so hard now. The world as we know it has become so very angry. Justifiably so, however there's more toxic hate than justice I've seen & many have paid the price for things that they were not responsible for. I miss you all along with my sisters & my big sister Karen. I feel like I've broken promises & failed. *Sighs* It's true that this place is meant to be an escape, but it's also true that we can't pretend shit isn't happening all the time... I hope to come back more joyful in the coming weeks. Until then... Please... I beg & plead that you all remain safe during these incredibly rough times. 😘